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Eco Food Products Ab Oy

Eco Food Products Ab Oy is located in Mariehamn, Åland Islands and are providing ecological solutions in the eatable and detergent area of products.

Vision & Värdegrund

As one of the largest suppliers in organic food, Eco Foods aims to be available to all our customers and partners.

Through our knowledge, flexibility and responsiveness, we want to give you confidence and the conditions for you to have the best of opportunities to succeed in your own business area. With our wide range that appeals to everyone, you as a customer can feel secure that everything you buy from us exudes quality, care and traceability.

We are constantly developing our organic range together with our customers and partners within our Eco Food concept and brand, and maintain a range that meets the future and ensure that through responsibility for the environment and a sustainable economy, we provide opportunities for future generations to have access to a wide and a variety of organic products that contribute to a more sustainable society. 


Eco Food Products Ab Oy have carefully chosen partners who share the same values as us.

Producers, suppliers and customers work together to contribute to a more sustainable society by constantly prioritizing their production and consumption by choosing organic foods.

We are constantly looking for new producers and suppliers who can be part of our organic family.

Do you think you fit into our vision and core values? Then write a few lines and tell us about your business, and we will get back to you shortly for further discussion.

Email us at: info@ecofood.ax

Our trademark

Eco Food Products Ab Oy is the company that thinks it is important that we live in harmony with our nature to the greatest extent possible, working with organic food and products in collaboration with our customers and partners is our core business.

Within our product groups with organic foods, we today offer thousands of different products, while continuously developing and renewing our Eco Food concept and brand and adding new approved certified products to our customers and partners.

Eco Pood Products Ab Oy´s core value is to supply organic and advantageous products and contribute to sustainability in the three areas of Environment, Economy and Social sustainability in society for both humans and animals.

A wide selection of ecological solutions

-thousands of ecological prodcuts-

Eco Food Products i Mariehamn Ab Oy offers a wide and various selection of ecological products to retailers and via wholesale.

As a customer and partner with us we will together contribute to sustainable society for the nature, human and animal life.

Eco Food Products Ab Oy and our trademark is big enough to make a difference with its ecological commitment and ecological products.

Ecological detergent:

  • Sonett, Laundry detergents and cleaning agents

Ecological provisions:

  • Dry food
  • Frozen food
  • Big-pack
  • Nonfood